First entry…take 2.

Of course…I spend a whole 30 minutes writing what is arguably a literary classic of a blog post…I click “publish”…and my post is gone. All that remains are the 3 tags that I lovingly labeled my post. Somehow I am still enthusiastic to type this out, though inevitably it will fall a distant second to the originality and charm that oozed from my first attempt.

Basics: I’m Maddie…25-years old and an elementary school teacher. I live with my boyfriend, Chad, and my 2-year old Jack Russell Terror (oops…Terrier), Frankie. We have a house together that I adore, but it is definitely a work in progress. I mean…I’ve only been there a month (holy cow…a month!). That, combined with switching schools to a different type of job, led to a very stressful summer. And I ate…a lot. And I exercised…hardly ever.

Now we get to the crux: I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. This has led to self-esteem issues. You know, the same song and dance that so many people endure. I’ve tried Weight Watchers. I’ve tried exercising nonstop. I’ve tried eating the bare minimum. I’ve tried finding four leaf clovers and shooting stars to wish off my gut. And you know what? Nothing changes. I see a slight change, and then I’m back to where I started. I’m in the same jeans that feel a little snug, and the same shirts that I have to fuss with so I don’t have a muffin top.

I really struggled with the idea of starting a blog. I read blogs daily. I’m inspired by them. I want to be a part of them! But…being in education lends a problem. That being said…you will NEVER read about my school life. What you will read are my daily meals and exercise routines…and anecdotes from my personal life. And I promise to be somewhat entertaining. And I guess I’ll put pictures up. This blog is what I have decided to do to hold myself accountable. My goal? To eat a healthy, nutritious, and (primarily) natural diet and exercise every day. This isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but if I end up looking like Beyonce… I certainly won’t complain.


7 thoughts on “First entry…take 2.

  1. You inspire me everyday. I wish you luck and will be there with you every step of the way…cheering you on and helping you in any way that I can. I love you! 🙂 xoxo

    1. That post will come soon! I’m excited to be doing this, and even more excited that I have friends to share it with. I’m going to have to tap into your prowess with layout. This generic stuff’s gotta go.

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