Early bird

Today began at 5:00 a.m.

I’ve been known to have my lazy days and sleep well into the morning, but generally I like to be up around 7. Then I can feel like I had a productive day.

5 in the morning is tough.

But today was a landmark day: hitting the gym and eating healthy. Chad and I went to Giant last night and got some groceries, among which were: almond milk, Chobani yogurts, apples, grapes, chicken, salad, tuna, sardines (more on that later), peanuts, craisins, prunes, OJ, etc. etc. I was pretty proud that we didn’t break the bank and kept the total to about $120…and besides the fresh produce, some of that stuff will last us 2 weeks. Yay, money saving! In short: we were ready to get on with our healthy selves.

By 5:25 (after gaining complete consciousness and taking Frankie out to relieve himself), Chad and I were off to the gym. Not to whine…okay, I’m looking for some sympathy…but my allergies hit like a freight train yesterday. I fought a headache and super runny nose all day, and it is definitely a force in my system as we speak. So my workout wound up being 30 minutes on the treadmill. I maintained a pace of around 2.5 – 3 mph, changing the incline from 8 to 10 to 12, then finally 15. Around the 20th minute, I lowered the incline to  6 and sped up to 4 mph. After 25 minutes, I did the treadmill’s 5 minute cool-down. I stretched a bit while Chad hopped on the elliptical, then I whined that I felt sick and needed to gas up. Plus we were at 6:15 already. I needed to shower and get ready for school!

Meals today were composed of the following:
Breakfast – chocolate-banana protein shake + women’s daily, echinocea (sp?), fish oil, and calcium vitamins + water
Morning snack – 2 orange-essence prunes + water
Lunch – PB&J sandwich + grapes + Chobani pineapple yogurt  + water
Afternoon “snack” – Couple swigs of dark chocolate almond milk (more on that, too!)
Dinner – Buffalo chicken salad (spring mix, croutons, feta cheese, chickpeas, grape tomatoes) with Tomato/Bacon Dressing + water

It’s been a successful first day.

I leave you with 3 thoughts:
1. Sardines??? I am dreading eating them. Chad swears they’re great. Famous last words.
2. Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. Go. Buy it. Now. A true festival of flavor for your taste buds.
3. I learned from my dentist today that when drinking something sugar-y, it is best to drink it quickly as opposed to sipping over a long period of time. The sugar heightens your acidity level in your mouth and attacks the enamel on your teeth. The acid level normalizes after about 15 minutes. Thus, if you sip, go away, come back, you only add time that your teeth are being attacked. This is especially useful information to me, because I do not want to give up my Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Coffee (skim milk). I’ll be sure to chug it.


One thought on “Early bird

  1. I’ve also heard that sipping through a straw keeps the sugar off of your teeth.

    Unless you are a squirrel like me and pouch your drink in your cheeks before you swallow. No idea why I do that…but it’s a habit I can’t break. 🙂

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