Foiled by phlegm

Phlegm. Right up there with “bologna” with its obnoxious spelling.

But the reason I bring up that pesky medical term? It stopped me from working out this morning.

4:45 was the designated alarm time today, and it came all too soon. After sitting up to turn it off, I had a little conversation with myself.

How are you feeling, Maddie?

Oh…not good. Not good at all.

You know, if your head is still pounding and you can’t breathe through your nose, your body is telling you it needs more rest.

Mm. More rest. Yes.

Why don’t you go back to sleep? Another hour would really help you today.

Mm. Sleep. Okay… *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

(One might conclude that not only does my inner voice have an eerie resemblance to Homer Simpson, but it is easily swayed.) So around 6:20, I got up to do the usual morning routine. I decided today that I’d give bee pollen another go. (Basically, it’s for weight loss, didn’t work for me, but really helped with my allergies).

Bee pollen, vitamins, granola with vanilla almond milk (OH MY GOSH YUM) for breakfast, and off I went.

I felt the bee pollen kick in this morning. The dull pain in my sinuses subsided, and my nose didn’t run as much. Not a total cure, but definitely improved what I normally endure in allergy season. I had a Luna bar (Lemon Zest…oh so good) since I felt a little weak and was chugging water like crazy. Chadpole packed me tuna, wheat bread and farmer’s cheese, grapes, and Chobani yogurt. And water. Of course. And there were doughnuts in the faculty room. Cruel temptation! Amazingly, I had no appetite for them and managed through lunch unscathed by the bittersweet lash of unnecessary sugary fat.

Day rolled by…I still had class from 5:30-9 for grad school. Ugh. Managed to run home and eat a buffalo chicken wrap on a Flat Out tortilla (filled with spring mix, feta, tomatoes, and Southwest Ranch dip)…and a couple of carrots. Grabbed a water and off to class.

That brings us to here and now. And I’ve got a hankering for some DD Pumpkin Spice Coffee. I’d chug it! I swear!

To inspire more interaction from my 3 readers (thank you!), I’d like to pose a question:
What do you do or say to inspire yourself to make changes?

I find that I need to remind myself of my goal, and that it is imperative to my health to make changes to my lifestyle…not just the day. And it all starts with that first roll out of that lovely, luscious, memory foam bed.


4 thoughts on “Foiled by phlegm

  1. I wish I had your dedication! I woke up at 4:45 for about 2 weeks to go to the gym before school and I did love getting it done and feeling better throughout the day, but I haven’t managed to get myself up that early yet this school year.
    This is really kind of shallow and stupid, but to inspire myself to make changes as far as healthy living goes, I picture someone whose body is my inspiration/goal…like Carrie Underwood, or one of the VS models, I forget her name. It works for about a week, so obviously this isn’t very effective. Or I keep my clothes that are a little snug and tell myself it’s cheaper to lose the weight than to buy new clothes. But still I sleep till 6 and come home and don’t walk, run, or go to the gym…
    So don’t do what I do!

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