Running on empty…

Don’t call it a comeback…but alarm at 4:50 (actually rising at 5:05) was a success! Word.

Today’s workout included your friend and mine: the elliptical. I had a nice interval set going. Started on level 3 intensity for 2 minutes, dropped down to 1 for another two minutes, then pedaled backwards for the 5th minute. Then I added 3 intensity levels for 2 minutes, dropped 2 levels for another two minutes, and went backwards on that level for the 5th minute. Continued for 25 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down.

As most of the fluids had finally drained from my face – making breathing less of a cognitive exercise – weights were a feasible activity. Don’t be too impressed…I only hit 3 machines. Bicep curls – 20 lbs, 3 sets of 20; Abdominal – 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15; and Ab twist – 50 lbs, 2 sets of 15. I’m really going for the recommended less weight/more reps mentality. I had a gym teacher in high school who was a body builder. A female body builder. Let’s just say that type of physique is not ideal for me.

For lunch, I had to face a mighty foe. The contender:

"Prepare to meet thy doom!"


Thank goodness gracious and all things holy that the sardines I ate did not look like this. At least not at the time I ate them. They were boneless and skinless. And you know what? They weren’t bad. In fact, it got some ladies in the faculty room talking. I’m a trendsetter, what can I say? These bad boys are supposed to be incredibly good for you. Since they’re packed in olive oil, they have a nice silky taste to them. A banana, Chobani, farmer’s cheese, and water helped cover up the fishy after-taste. Just like tuna, I promise.

So…fast forward to dinner with some yummy chicken with honey, carrots, baked beans, and grapes, and there’s your day.

A little Vanilla Almond Milk sweetened up the evening, too. I’m depending on that to satisfy my sugar cravings. I think I’ll need another glug before bed…

Oh! And on the forefront are “Pole Fit” classes. Infer what you will. I called the sports academy that offers the class today and it looks like all systems go for next Monday. A man answered the phone and told me how great the classes were. I asked if he knew from personal experience. Luckily, he had a sense of humor and laughed it off.  Now, I just need my accomplices involved…

Question: Have you ever tried a unique exercise or class? Would you consider something like “Pole Fit” or “Flirty Girl Fitness”?


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