Making good choices

Today held a series of opportunities to make good choices.

4:45 a.m. – I had the choice to get up and work out or sleep an extra hour(ish). The latter won. Good choice? Well…I’m not exactly regretting it.

Faculty meeting after school – A can of M&M’s was in my hands. A HUGE can of M&Ms. The candy that melts in your mouth and warms your tongue with its chocolatey goodness. I could have had a couple. I continued passing the can. Good choice? I’m thinking more along the lines of purple heart-worthy display of self-control.

Bell practice – Yes, I’m so cool that I belong in the handbell choir at church. I’ve been playing music since I was very young, so playing 3 bells doesn’t phase me. I can sight-read most of the pieces. And I could have easily skipped, thus getting more time to relax and help Chadpole clean the dishes. Bell practice had its youngest member in attendance. Good choice!

Other good choices included:

Granola + Vanilla Almond Milk for breakfast
Grapes + Luna bar for mid-morning snack
Tuna, farmer’s cheese on low-fat whole wheat bagel + banana + Chobani for lunch
Chad-made dinner of whole wheat shells, lean ground beef, organic marinara, part-skim mozzarella +  sliced apple + side salad

Pretty sweet choice-making.

On the other hand…I noticed many people making poor decisions today. For instance: the person who parked a minivan complete with car-top carrier diagonally across 2 parking spots at the church lot. Poor decision. And even pathetic parking skills. Also: the driver who decided to go 25 in a 35 mph zone. We all know that you are supposed to drive at least 5 mph over the posted speed limit. This makes everyone’s commute more tolerable. Yikes…I’m noticing that I’m having problems with drivers. At this point…the less time spent in a car, the better.

Let’s focus on the positive. What good choices have you made lately?


2 thoughts on “Making good choices

  1. Good choices…good choices…hmmm….

    I’m going to go w/moving back to PA. 🙂
    Deciding to spend most of my built up sad/mad/how-did-this-happen-to-me energy on working out 2, 3, 4 x’s a day.
    (Yes, unemployment leaves lots of time for healthy choices.)

    AND….not making the dreaded tipsy phone call to The Ex after 3 martinis tonight.

    I may be single, but I’m 18 lbs lighter. Eat your heart out Pennsylvania.

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