Seeing is believing?

Please pardon the two day interruption. Verizon has decided not to provide Internet service to my house.

Friday went well. I overcame the urge to continue sleeping and hit the gym. Did 20 minutes on the treadmill, going up to a 14 incline, and then did 3 sets of 20 on 3 different ab machines. There’s a great machine (which I am totally blanking on the name for) that you put your arms around a bar and twist. This targets the obliques…otherwise known as the “obnoxious back flab”.

Now, I was truly working for the weekend. The dismissal bell could not come soon enough. It’s transitioning into fall weather…nice and chilly…and nothing really planned. That’s a recipe for happiness. Images of roller-blading with Chad and Frankie through a bright, green park swam in my head. That’s right. I said roller-blading. I used to love it when I was younger…though stopping has never been my forte…and Chad showed me pictures of the area in Florida that he used to roller-blade around, and I fell in love with the idea. I think it would really help my cause if I actually had a beach. Or the potential for a tan. But, alas and alack, this is not Florida. This is Pennsylvania: land of pot holes. Oh well. Such is life.

My diet has been pretty regular over the weekend. I’m pretty proud of myself. Though, I did venture into dangerous territory last night. Chad’s dad made apple and peach pies. I allowed myself a small piece of apple pie. I declined the whipped cream (talk about willpower!), and allowed each bite of pie to stir each of my senses. Ahh…bliss.

That brings us to this morning. Out of curiosity…I decided to weigh myself. I was thinking that I’d wait a month or until my clothes were feeling loose. I’m way too impatient. This “lifestyle change” is really rough on me because I want results immediately. Then I’ll know that I’m making the right changes. No dice in the real world. But…I did drop 2 pounds. Which I thought was great. Though I must say…I feel like I lost more. I’m liking the way I’m looking in my clothes more, and I feel more energized throughout the day. I definitely know that I’m not eating like a cow anymore. As long as this continues, I know I’ll keep up with this routine I have going. I do have a plan of action. When I signed up for my gym, I was promised a free hour with a personal trainer. I think it’s time to cash in on that golden opportunity and see what he/she suggests would really help hit my target areas (AKA everything).

And there’s also that Pole Fit class tomorrow. Yee haw!

You may have noticed that I did not hit the gym this weekend. I would’ve like to go at least one of the days, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Since the gym didn’t happen…I was hoping for some more recreational exercise. Also didn’t happen. But I don’t feel that bad. What are your thoughts? If you work out, must you work out on the weekends? Or do you give yourself a break?


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