Yes, it’s true. I’ve been absolutely absent from the blog scene for the past week…after one successful week of blogging. That’s right. I’m a champ.

But honestly…I am slightly ashamed. My performance (exercise-wise) this week is absolutely reflective of my absence from the blog world. While I could (and have) blamed Verizon’s big service fart for not blogging, it was still my responsibility to actually get out of bed and off to the gym. So here it is. I take ownership of my actions (or non-action) this week and accept the awful number that my scale is sure to unveil on Sunday.

But let’s focus on something positive: I did eat healthy this week (save for that most phenomenal piece of Wegman’s birthday cake for my great aunt’s 91st birthday…new icing! YUM!), and I found a form of exercise that I absolutely adore…

Pole Fit.

Remember? I mentioned this a lonnnnng time ago (Sunday). The class was an amazing workout, and I’m actually finally without any soreness today. The class began with some stretching, but then quickly went into some turns on the pole. There were more women than poles…so half the class exercised on the pole while the other half did squats, leg, and ab exercises on chairs. We alternated every few minutes. By the end of the class I could turn, dip, do a few jumping spins, and essentially channel my inner Carmen Electra. I bet I could step into a remake of “Striptease”, since movie-makers are so into re-doing the classics. [Seriously. You cannot expect the remake of “Dirty Dancing” to be any good. Makes me want to puke. Way to spit on Patrick Swayze’s grave.]

Looking forward to those black and blues!

All joking aside…this class was phenomenal. I had the best workout that left me feeling like I worked every muscle in my body…especially my arms (which I really loved!). There is so much strength involved in this class. The instructor, Heather, was high-energy and walked around to observe as we practiced different moves. She kept us moving and really challenged us. I didn’t feel foolish or anything…though there was certainly potential to look it! All the women in the class were positive and non-judgmental. I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug.

Now, I’ve liked Zumba and love my yoga classes…and this actually feels more like a yoga class. You really get in touch with your inner self and work to the best of your own ability. Zumba is great, but it’s the same routines. No challenge or much room for growth. But I feel like I can really get to a new level of fitness and hit my target areas with Pole Fit.

I leave you today with a promise that I am stepping up my game and getting back into that gym. Motivation is appreciated!


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