Weed Wars

After a slight nervous breakdown last night, I woke up today feeling refreshed and relaxed. I’ll attribute both those feelings to the lack of an alarm and an agenda. Seriously. Nothing in the world can break up the hustle and bustle of the week like a weekend with no plans.

I still took my bee pollen and vitamins, ate a nutritious breakfast, and then relaxed in front of the tv while Chad’s brother hooked up the GFI outlets. (No idea what those are? I envy you. You’re better off not knowing.)

Now, Chad’s brother required a pizza for his services at lunchtime. So I had one slice (my first in a while), and refrained myself from having another. Instead, I rinsed off some grapes. That deserved a little pat on the back. Well done, Maddie.

The gym was not in my plans today. I believe I mentioned last week that I haven’t quite come to good terms with the gym on the weekend. It just doesn’t seem right. As an alternative, I put on my workout clothes, some gloves, and a weeding tool and went to work on the front yard. With all the goings-on inside the house…the outside has been neglected a bit. The most obnoxious, winding weed found its way through the shrubs and plants around the front. I mean, I’m all about a retro look, but a house looking like it hasn’t been touched since the 70s is not an option.

For about 2 hours, I attacked those suckers. After days and days of rain, it felt so great to be outside in the sun. If fall has more days like this, I’ll be a happy camper. Anywho…I really went to town and cleared up the front yard. Such a great feeling. And hey…it looks like people inhabit that house now. Now, call me crazy…but I would also consider that a nice little workout. Chalk that up to 2 big days of working out for me this week. Guess that means I should be able to improve upon that pretty easily next week!

Reinforcements arrived to clear and clean the kitchen. It is with great joy and a tear in my eye that I can finally say that there’s a table and chairs in my kitchen. The house is starting to become a home. I can’t wait to let my inner decorator loose. It will be dangerous.

So anywho. That’s my weekend so far. Tell me…what’s your favorite chore? Weeding definitely isn’t mine, but it wasn’t that awful. If I had my druthers…I’d vacuum. That’s something easy and yields immediate results. I love that instant gratification.


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