Re-evaluating Things

Here we are once again.

Go ahead. Ask me.

How many times did I hit the gym this week? What’s that?

Oh. Well…you see…

I haven’t?

That’s right. The only workout to date was the big Pole Fit class on  Monday. It kicked my butt and I absolutely loved it. Then, I needed two days’ rest.

Hold me to this: I need to actually get up tomorrow morning.

I’ve noticed something. I’ve been going crazy trying to look like this woman:

Yup. Keep dreaming.

And I swear…I have been busting my butt trying to eat healthy. There’s been no fast food, I pack a protein-packed lunch (tuna, Greek yogurt, apple, and water) every day, and a small dinner (no eating after 9 p.m.!)…and I haven’t lost anything beyond those initial 2 pounds. Not an ounce. It is beyond frustrating. And here’s a vague mention of school that I promised: I walk my sweet hiney everywhere! I am up from the 3rd floor, down to the 2nd floor, to the 1st floor, back up to the 3rd floor constantly. Not to mention daily! Must I do squats and lift weights as I lead the students to yield any kind of result?

And thus, I must re-evaluate. What has to change? Obviously…it is the activity. I have to get into that gym. Again, I implore you to bust my chops to get me to that darn gym. I’m paying those stupid monthly fees! Ugh. I also may consider talking to a nutritionist. Could I be eating too little? I’ve read that it’s possible for “dieting” to have adverse affects if you cut too many calories. Or maybe I’m still just eating the wrong things. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of this epic conundrum.

In other news…I recently came across an article. Something I have a great interest in.

It\’s good to know lots of people share my opinion.

(click on that link). It’s an article about women who do not want to have children.

You see………..I am one of those women.

What? Maddie? No kids? Impossible!

It’s true. I’ll admit, when I was in college, I fantasized about finding the “perfect man” and starting a family. 2, maybe 3 kids. House with a yard. A dog or two running around. Maybe a pool. Lots of vacations. But as I grew older and got my big girl job and became responsible for myself…I could never imagine being entirely responsible for another life.

Will I change my mind?

I could.

But I doubt it.

Let’s be honest…the pressure’s on to have kids. To their credit, my own parents have never mentioned another generation. Friends of mine and Chad’s have. “So when are you going to have one of these running around (motion towards the little ragamuffin destroying the yard and screaming for more juice)??” How about…never! Usually I try to soften the blow with a “Well, I don’t think we’re quite ready for that…we have our fill of kids at school” response, but in my head I’m sweating at the mere notion of getting pregnant and giving birth. Don’t get me started on raising a child. I don’t think that’s for me AT ALL. Could you label me selfish? Absolutely. Go ahead. But for every great parent I see, there are 20 that make me want to cry for their poor children.

Point being: if you want ’em, you can have ’em. I’ll watch them every once in a while for you. But I’ll always give them back 🙂


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