How did that happen?

The weigh-in on Sunday brought surprising news:

I lost a pound.

I should celebrate, but instead I am left baffled and confused. How did this happen? I ate desserts, big dinners, and only had 2 good workouts. Maybe I have been eating too little…

I think it’s time to make that appointment with a nutritionist. I’m so lost.

In other news, I’ve found a scary movie I can watch for Halloween!

Wimp-friendly Halloween thrill!

Disney. Cartoon. Still terrifying. I can handle this!

I may have forgotten to mention…I am the BIGGEST wuss when it comes to scary movies. I couldn’t sit through the commercials for “Paranormal Activity”. I don’t know what happened that I became scarred for life, but scary movies and I will never mesh. Thank goodness for Disney-grade scary things. And “Ernest Scared Stupid”.

Do you need a hug?

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