The never-ending climb

Today was an in-service day (no kids…hooray!), so my day was pretty much stress-free. I strongly believe that school should be 4 days and the weekend, 3. Hm, maybe I’ll try to present that one to Corbett. In voucher form! I saw an article that the idea of school vouchers is resurfacing. Ugh. Sounds like another headache.

Back to the important things:

Pole Fit was tonight.

I’ll tell you something…this class has been the most physically demanding, yet fun class I have ever taken. I am absolutely in love. We are constantly moving and trying different moves, but also doing lots of strengthening and toning exercises. Tonight, I tried to climb the pole.


Seriously…the instructor hops jumps up onto the pole (wrapping her legs a certain way for grip), and then lets go with her arms. Just chillin’ on the pole. Then, she’ll secure her grip again and fling her legs around, supporting her entire body weight on the pole with just her arms. It’s incredible! So, I attempt at least to build my skills by climbing and hanging onto the pole.

Like the inchworm that couldn't.

I suppose I looked sort of like this picture. I actually had my whole body up there, but promptly slid down. This turned into a never-ending cycle of “jump, cling, slide”. I think I got a few solid seconds up there…not enough to win a bull-riding contest, but enough to make me feel like I’m getting stronger. (My first week of Pole Fit did not yield such results. The cycle was just “jump, slide”)

The hour of Pole Fit went by all too fast. Apparently they’re getting another instructor on Thursdays to start transitioning beginners to the intermediate/advanced level. I think I’ll stick with the basics for a while longer.

And big shout out to Verizon. After almost 2 months of faulty internet and countless hours spent on the 800 number with tech support and billing…we have internet. Not high-speed internet. But I can come online and update my blog from the comfort of my own home, now. Hey…gotta count even the smallest of blessings, right?

Here’s a question:
What’s the best nutritious, delicious, and filling breakfast you enjoy? I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to have a substantial breakfast to really boost my energy even more through the morning. By lunchtime, I’m fading a bit. Help is appreciated! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The never-ending climb

    1. It would definitely seem that way! I do have a recipe for baked pumpkin oatmeal that is pretty good…but I think I shall restrain myself. Oatmeal is good, but geez…how much do those bloggers eat?? No wonder Quaker Oats sends them samples nonstop.

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