Getting rid of the clutter

Soooooo…long time no blog!

Life has gotten in the way. And unfortunately, it leaves me all too exhausted, and absolutely not in the mood to blog. However, it’s Friday, and Chad is comatose (he has kidney stones and needs a nap).

The bee pollen has continued to do its thing. I’m about 9 pounds lighter than when I started. It’s been just over 2 weeks. Not gonna lie…I love fitting in my clothes. REALLY fitting. Of course, I keep dreaming of being skinnier, but this is a nice start. However, I must confess…my workout ethic has been much less than exemplary. I didn’t even make it to Pole Fit on Monday. I procrastinated on grad school work (as per usual), so I had to forgo the class to get my paper done.

This is where I’m encountering so much trouble. I could wake up early enough to hit the gym, but then instead of staying awake when I get up to turn off my alarm, I leap back into bed. What’s my problem? I love my Pole Fit class…and actually, there was a Groupon for the other fitness classes there. I have to enjoy the gym. Right now, it’s way too much of a hassle, and I’m feeling so bogged down with everything else in my life to worry about working out.

Now, the issue here is that I’m feeling bogged down, but when I look at the “grand scheme” of things…it’s not like I don’t have a free moment. Ever have one of those moments? That jerk cuts you off on your morning commute and it’s still bugging you at dinnertime? Just me? Oh. I guess I’m just having a lot of little things really irk me, and they’re building up to where I don’t want to do anything except decompress. And decompress = laying on the floor watching tv. I could take Frankie outside. I could go for a bike ride. I could clean. I could get all that work done for my grad class BEFORE the eve of class. And I choose to do nothing.

When I began this journey to being healthy, a lot of food went out the window. There’s not an ounce of junk food in this house. So, why can’t this thinking translate into the things I choose to do after work? Get rid of things I don’t need. Clean up my wardrobe, household items, contacts. Why keep things in my life that I don’t need or use? It’s just another thing getting in my way. As we speak, I’m trying to delete some old texts. You know, the texts that build up forever until your phone works as slow as poop. And I’ll be cleaning out old contacts. Deleting old emails. Things of the like. So, hopefully I’ll be a little lighter next time I blog…in terms of the “things” weighing me down!

I apologize this post wasn’t very entertaining. This week has me drained in so many ways. More later. Good night!


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