A Morkie puppy…

I just Google’d “things that weigh 10 pounds”, and via answers.com, the following are equivalent:

*a bag of sugar

*a ten pound weight you can find at a gym

*a Morkie puppy, around that weight

Reason being…as of this morning, I’m officially down 10 pounds.

I’m awfully glad to be rid of that Morkie-sized flab. (side note: a Morkie – for those who are not big dog-crazed dorks like me – is a Yorkie/Maltese mix and has the potential to be incredibly cute)

I'll never let go...

Lesson learned? … answers.com is not a reliable resource. High school and college students: do not quote answers.com in your papers. It’s like quoting wikipedia.com (though when I was in college…you could still get away with referencing Wikipedia).

In other news…

I got a couple doses of crazy the past 2 days.

Yesterday, it was a young-ish girl chatting on her cell phone. At a green arrow, she did not move. I did the quick “hello! gas is on the right!” beep. And then she rolled down her window and began to scream at me. Naturally – being the easy-going, cheerful soul that I am – I laughed. Heartily. This did not please my urban friend (“Office” reference…) She continued to scream out her window (mine were rolled up), so I retorted with a “talking hand” and shrugging. You know…the talking hand an adult makes when you don’t shut your mouth? Finally we reach a stop light, and the dear girl is turning right. Oh, just my luck. Still on her cell phone, she proceeds to roll down her window, scream profanities out her window at me, and make the right turn (magical! she is clearly an octopus). I smile politely and wave good-bye.

All. over. one. flippin’. beep. Was it worth it? Really? And you wonder why so many car accidents happen.

Today’s crazy was administered at K-Mart (don’t judge me). A father, annoyed with his son pushing the buttons on all the singing skeletons (which I did after he left), remarked (with no regard to audience), “If you don’t shut up, I’m gonna put baby powder on my hand and pimp-slap you.”

Insert jaw-dropping.

To add even more crazy to the mix, I later saw the sons of this man (yes, he was able to reproduce multiple times) trying on the pimp hats in the costume section.

Rather than add too much of my own commentary here…I am leaving with a thought. A thought that maybe people should be a little more concerned with what other people think and how they are perceived. And maybe you should at least aim to be perceived in a positive light.


It is my goal to add more intentional physical activity to my day. I have my Pole Fit class once a week. Now it’s time to kick it into gear when I’m at home. And perhaps I should put that gym membership to use…


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