I’m dreaming of a white…Halloween?

Yes, it’s true. I survived the Halloween Snow Scare of 2011. Someone was definitely watching over my little family…amazingly enough, we didn’t lose power and our trees didn’t topple over. This could have been really bad for us. Our maple tree has the power line running through it, and it had all its leaves yet. Our cherry tree is on its way out due to carpenter ants. We assumed the worst and lucked out this time, and for that we’re extremely grateful. Oh…and it bought me a day off today 🙂 Woohoo!

Rather than a party or going out in costume, this Halloween…well…Trick or Treat (which was Friday)…was spent terrorizing children in a gorilla suit at Chad’s friends’ house. It was incredible. They go all out with over-the-top decorations down their long driveway, full-size candy bars, and many of their friends in costume to creep around. I can definitely see myself doing it again in years to come. As I’ve mentioned…I’m a huge wimp. I don’t know how, why, when…but somewhere along this life’s road I became incredibly fearful, even to the point of hysterical when I am frightened. Anything that really scares me haunts my thoughts well beyond a sleepless night. So…I’m hoping positive experiences – like scaring the crap out of kids – will help me overcome my paralyzing fear.

I felt so bold and empowered after my stint as the gorilla, I turned to Chad and said, “I think I could go for a scary movie tonight.”

For him…those words equate to “I can lay eggs filled with hundred dollar bills.”

He went easy on me, and chose Signs as the initial test of my courage. (Actually, this was after Ichabod Crane…nothing like a Disney classic to lessen the fear factor!) And to be honest…I didn’t make it through the whole movie until last night. LATE last night. And…to be honest…

I may have liked it.

Don’t think that I wasn’t scared. I was actually pretty terrified a few times. I’m glad Chad has regained feeling in his arm…his circulation may have been cut off for long intervals. And, I’ve actually taken away an important lesson from this film.

Wear this to avoid having your mind read.

In more health-related news:

I’ve tried out another class through the Sweat Like a Girl studio: Flirty Girl.

This is essentially Zumba…but better (I think). Whereas I was tired after Zumba for moving for 45 minutes, this class really had me doing cardio exercises and arm/leg strengthening exercises as we did choreographed dance moves. There were so many people in the pass (from a recent Groupon), that the floor actually got a little slick and the mirrors at the front of the room were fogged up! Oy vey. Still…I had enough space to maneuver and had a blast doing the dancing. I’ll definitely hit that class up again.

Of course, I still had Pole Fit tonight. We have a new instructor for this particular session, and from what I’ve heard…she’s actually one of the top Pole Fit dancers/instructors in the country. Kind of awesome! We’ve been doing more moves that require only arm strength to spin around the pole…and rather than falling immediately…I’m able to do it! I’m pretty thrilled.

I’m looking at trying another class: Piloxing. A mix of standing Pilates and boxing.

(Not quite...) Million Dollar Baby

I was inspired after that movie (Million Dollar Baby, that is) to try the training for boxing. It’s intense! But I thought it looked awesome. Turns out I am just not that motivated to run for miles and miles, then work out in a gym for hours. Even if I’d look like Hillary Swank. Oh, well. So maybe this piloxing will help me feel like a Twenty Dollar Baby. Yea, I’d settle for that.

Bee pollen and good diet has me steadily losing weight. I’m at the point where it’s fractions of a pound at a time, and it gets discouraging. Then I remind myself that 10 pounds are gone in less than a month. I’ve never had that kind of success. On top of that, I feel energetic and don’t feel like I’m depriving myself. In fact, I just had some dark hot chocolate (I’m not too sure about nutrition facts, but I got it at Echo Hills Country Store out in Fleetwood).

So…I’ve written a lot for this evening. I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a delay at school tomorrow due to power outages…but I’m not holding my breath 😦 It looks like my grad class might be cancelled, though! (Oh please, oh please, oh please…)

Have a wonderful, TOASTY night!


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