Still here.

Contrary to what you may have inferred…I’m still alive and kickin’. Life got in the way – report cards, papers, projects (school and home improvement-related).

The poundage lost is up to 14, which is kind of unreal. The 1 and 1/2 month mark comes up this Thursday. Maybe more by then? Who knows. I’ve never had this much success with anything.

Chad is rounding the corner to 20 pounds. Which is just another reason to dislike men. I’ve always been insanely jealous of their ability to drop weight like it was nothing. I stopped drinking soda…still have cavities and didn’t lose any weight. A friend of Chad’s stops drinking soda…and drops 40 pounds in a year.

It just ain’t right.

It ain't right like how this woman "teaches" little girls competitive dancing.

Now, I sit here debating lesson plans vs. searching ridiculous things on the internet…maybe another round of watching this boy show what REAL dancing looks like…

And I hope you have a fabulous Sunday.





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