Gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble gickel…

I wish turkey only cost a nickel!

"Thanksgiving Song"? Anyone? Anyone?

Wow…look how young Adam Sandler looks there…I love that man. 🙂

So, again, I’ve deserted my blog. I apologize. I keep thinking that life will slow down just a little bit, and yet all it does is gain momentum. Even on this “long” Thanksgiving Break, I’m finding myself constantly occupied…and not necessarily with fun or relaxing activities.

Now, we all realize that despite the intended purpose of Thanksgiving – you know, to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives? – the hours of arduous preparation and careful planning is the sly mask for an event in which you should wear pants with an elastic waistband and loose top since you will be devouring approximately twice your body weight in butter and eggs…carefully disguised with small pieces of meat and vegetables.

Obviously, this day had the potential to be my worst nightmare. Butter? Eggs? Sugar? Can I get a Homer Simpson moan-n-drool?!


Any other year at Thanksgiving, you’d merely have to post yourself at the food table. I’d come visit you multiple times throughout the night as I refilled my dinner plate with mounds of mashed potatoes drowning in gravy, some turkey tossed in with globs of green bean casserole (you know…the “vegetable” of the night), and of course…my own sweet potato casserole (sugar and butter with a smidge of sweet potatoes, then topped with brown sugar, butter, and nuts). Don’t forget the desserts. I couldn’t dare insult anyone’s baking prowess, so I’d need to sample a healthy portion of each pie, cake, or cookie in order to compliment each baker accordingly.

This year? I ate ONE plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and a spoonful (as in a serving spoon…) of sweet potato casserole. And then I was full.

It was awesome.

I have to say – as someone who has grown up not truly knowing when I was full or just eating until I was in pain – eating a plate full of food and feeling satisfied afterwards – especially at Thanksgiving – is a feeling I can’t even begin to describe. And I’m definitely thankful for that.

Of course yesterday, Chad and I went for leftovers at his aunt and uncle’s house. (Thanksgiving was celebrated at my grandmother’s) I ate a plate and felt full. I did have a cookie. As in one. I had to sample a vanilla wafer with this pumpkin pie dip. And I didn’t need anymore. Considering that I could polish off a box of Oreos alone (I came close but never actually accomplished that feat, thank you), stopping after one cookie was amazing.

So today, I had to do it. Time for a tete-a-tete (that’s French for “head to head”…look what I remember from high school!) with the scale.

What I saw was something I never expected. Something I thought was possible, but never quite within my reach.


There really aren’t words for me. I’ve not been in this weight range since maybe my high school days. Even then…I’m not sure I was at this weight. I think I remained between 10 and 20 pounds heavier from high school through this current year. It’s not even about people noticing, but I feel amazing. What really helps is the support of Chad – always motivating me and encouraging me not just with words, but by leading a healthy lifestyle with me. Of course, my friends and family have been great. I’m not being hassled by anyone to eat or drink more. And I’ve still enjoyed a sweet on a rare occasion, and imbibed a few drinks, but it’s not a part of my daily life. It’s something special now. And I’m so grateful to be free from the grip that food had on me.

Woo…got preachy there. Sorry. But anyways, that’s where I’m at. I could continue, but I think that’s enough of my blabbering for now. Plus, Frankie keeps giving me the hairy eye for not giving him more attention. Actually, now he’s settled down and curling up on a footstool. I won’t press my luck.



One thought on “Gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble gickel…

  1. Maddie! How exciting, congratulations!! We need to get together and celebrate soon – maybe I can join you for a pole fit class next week. I keep forgetting I have this groupon, and I better use it…let me know if I can tag along!

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