SADD Students Against Destructive Decisions (formerly Students Against Drunk Driving)
SADD Students Against Drunk Driving (now Students Against Destructive Decisions)
SADD Sexual Attention Deficit Disorder
SADD Statement of Approved Design Data
SADD Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression
SADD Software Architecture Design Document
SADD Stupid And Dumb Decision

So…which one am I referring to?

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun...Mr. Golden Sun...please shine down on meeeee....

Actually, as I researched for an appropriate image, I stumbled upon a website that stated Dec. 1st marks the kickoff for Seasonal Affective Disorder Month. Sweet!

I mean, my exercise routine has been slacking as it is, but now Mother Nature has it out for me and my quest for a healthier body. It never really affected me in my “younger” years (uh…I’m only 25), but the past few years, I’ve noticed myself dreading the colder temperatures and weather that are inevitable in a Pennsylvania winter. Plus, I get home from work at 4 (if I’m lucky), and then I have about 35 minutes of solid sunlight. That is, if it’s sunny outside at all. I don’t know about you, but after a long day of working on my feet and running up and down three flights of stairs, the absolute last thing I want to do is any kind of physical activity. And on the weekends…are you kidding?? That’s the only time I get to lounge around and have a leisurely breakfast in my pajamas! UGH!

Not totally unrelated is the fact that I did not have a vacation this year. I mean…I’m a teacher, yes, so technically I had the summer “off”. But, I’m a teacher. I have to make a little extra money in that time I have off. I have taught some kind of summer program ever since I started teaching, I’ve taken graduate courses in the summer semester. Beach time didn’t happen this year. Pool time was minimal. Long story short…I did not get my quality time with the ocean. And I’m really missing that.

The inspiration for my blog name – and I’ll admit it…it’s pretty out there – came from a lot of personal reflection and analyzing the things that I hold closest to my heart. Bottom line: laughter is a necessity in my life. The ocean is my haven. Both are things that I absolutely love and cannot imagine living without.

Living in Pennsylvania is a bit of a drag for an ocean-lover.

I read these blogs and see pictures of my friends who relocated to Florida or other sunny places…and I can only dream about waking up one Saturday morning, grabbing a SUP board, throwing Frankie in the car, and hitting the beach for some time on the waves.

Short SUPply of water in PA...

Since it’s officially Saturday now…when I wake up in a few hours, I’ll be forced to contend with whatever temperature my house has decided to settle at (hopefully 64 degrees-ish) and let Frankie outside. I used to get dressed and accompany him outside, but now I hide out in the house and watch from our front window to make sure he does his duty and vow to pick up whatever I need to before the mail man comes. Chad and I attempt to do things for our house. We go to Lowe’s, get what we need, but are side-tracked by other necessary errands or visits, or encounter roadblocks in completing the work ourselves. Before we know it, the day is gone.

Yes, we’ve been fortunate with weather the past few weeks in PA. It’s reached temperatures in the 70s a few times, and even stuck around in the 60s. Now, that reliable wintery chill is back in the air. I smell the changing of the seasons, and the LED Christmas lights are a big tell-tale sign that rough weather is ahead (ice storms are becoming a staple in PA…making it impossible for homeowners to remove their Christmas lights any earlier than February). My mood is already being affected. I’m waking up tired, and feeling exhausted by the time I get home from work.

I realize that this post is primarily my own frustration with this season. I used to be a big winter enthusiast…but I’d be perfectly all right with a snow storm on Christmas Eve into Christmas day, and then back to 80 degree weather. Somehow I don’t think that is feasible.

But my biggest request for any readers are suggestions. How do you beat the urge to go to sleep? What do you do to get up and move with the darkness coming earlier and earlier?

I'll get the best of you yet, Snow Miser.

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