Blue Toes

All The heat is on. I’m wearing shoes.

My feet feel like they're in ice!

By the way…how ridiculous (hilarious) is this picture?

I’m really hating this time of year. That chill is in the air that cuts right down to your bone and leaves you frosty for hours after you’ve gone indoors. I am NOT a fan. Where’s the beach!?

Again, I’ve gone MIA. I apologize. I’ve been an excellent reader to other blogs, but a failure as a writer. Such a travesty! As always…life gets in the way. Or my energy fails me when inspiration strikes. I apologize. Again.

Big news, though.

23 pounds have been shed from my frame.

This is the lowest weight I have been in years. I would venture to guesstimate 10+ years.

I bought a pair of jeans at New York & Co. that are a size smaller than what I’ve worn for the past 10ish years.

And they’re a bit too big now.

I tried on the next size down on a recent (dangerous) excursion to the mall. (The mall at Christmas?! Insanity.)

And they fit.

My sister was this size. I was always at least two sizes bigger.

Sorry for all the pauses emphasized in superfluous spacing. I’m just so overwhelmed, it helped me collect my thoughts. Now, while all my “work” clothes (primarily pants/skirts) grow baggy, I’m left to ponder when I actually go out and buy some new pieces of my wardrobe. Do I wait until I reach my goal weight? I got the initial pair of pants from NY&Co. as “interim”. They’re obviously not as baggy as my “old” clothes, but they’re not the perfect fit. I can’t afford to buy new clothes for different sizes…and the clothes are still good…so I’m in a bit of a pickle. Le sigh. Maybe Christmas will bring a little extra spending money I can blow on clothes…


…on to something fun!

So far, I’ve watched:

Love it! All are highly recommended. 🙂

Next up are some classics: A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Rudolph, Frosty, etc.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?



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