Happy New Year?

Shh…I know, I know. It’s almost February. I apologize.

It would be very easy to make up a thousand excuses, but the fact is: this blog was the last thing on my mind. At the end of a crazy day, I did not want to sit at my laptop and rehash it, or cover it up with some diatribe about living well.

At this point, I have fluctuated between 23 and 26 pounds of weight lost. I’ve hit a wall, and I’m not doing much to get through it. I could maintain at this point with little trouble. I’ve even indulged in a dessert now and then (scandalous!), and haven’t skyrocketed up the scale.

I know exactly what I need to do at this point. Hello, movement. Hello, stretching. And goodbye, lazy afternoons. It’s time for some activity.

Stay tuned for:

*An epic return to LA Fitness *and*

*Taking another swing around the pole at PoleFit

It's not Rob Schneider...or "Waterboy"...

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