Miss me?

Rhetorical question. Promise.

Though it does prompt a thought that has been plaguing me–

Why are we so dependent on our cell phones/computers/technology?

To illustrate my point: Recently, I accompanied The Chad to his aunt’s house in New Jersey (aside: Clinton does not look, smell, or feel like New Jersey…therefore it is acceptable to admit this journey to the Armpit). At one point, my phone rang. I received two text messages. While visiting other people, I generally keep my phone in my purse as a courtesy. I am there to visit you, therefore I will give you my attention. Chad heard the dings and rings and reported them to me. I replied that I would check them later.

Of course, my mind started racing and my palms started to sweat…who could it be? Was it a family emergency? Exciting news? Tickets to a Jimmy Buffett concert? (<<Chad’s contribution).

I’ll admit it…I soon made a polite exit from the conversation on the deck and quickly dove for my purse to confirm any suspicions. Both the call and the text were friendly – my best friend in the Coast Guard calling to catch up, and another friend wishing me a happy belated birthday. Nothing earth-shattering. Of course.

Why did it irk me so? And it only took a little prompting to give me the burning desire to check my phone?

I remember when it was incredibly impolite to answer a phone call when you were out to dinner. At a restaurant – from the fanciest country club dinners to a McDonald’s – there are people yammering away on their cell phones.

Does it drive anyone else crazy when someone is driving terribly slow, or delays a green light, or is driving like a fool in general…and you finally pass them to see they are buried in their cell phone texting?

Seriously. Can I make a citizen’s arrest? Or throw something at them? I’ve considered stocking my car with water balloons so I can wail them at idiots texting on the road. And I mean on the road. Not a side street or neighborhood. We’re in a 45 MPH zone and they’re crawling at 20 and crossing over lanes.

Some thoughts on the matter from People Against Distracted Driving.

Despite the fact that I just went off on a wild tangent…the crux of the matter is: when did we become so important that we must be accessible at all times? I used to love any vacation at the beach – no wi-fi, no cell reception. Everyone had to “unplug” for the week. Now? It doesn’t matter where you are. People will find you. And they will get a hold of you. You will be the brunt of anger and hurt feelings if you do not respond immediately.

I think I’ve exhausted my will to fight any longer. Call me or text me. I’ll get back to you…soon. 🙂


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