Don’t call it a comeback…

January 1, 2013.

Ahhh, the potential this day holds. The resolve and motivation we have is at its peak. And it could be all downhill from here. I know gyms probably drool over the amount of customers breaking down their doors…anxious to look like the gods already sweating on the machines and flexing in front of the mirrors.

This blog has been carelessly abandoned for quite some time. It was a way to document my failures and successes as I grasped for some sort of healthy lifestyle. And my negligence of blogging doesn’t necessarily mean I lost all hope for health, but it also doesn’t mean that I kind of…maybe…sort of…ate a whole lot of really bad (see also: DELICIOUS) food between Thanksgiving Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

It hasn’t been pretty.

Where I was thirty pounds lighter when I last checked in – flirting with a whole new weight range that was actually considered a healthy BMI – I’ve gained about 13 pounds.

So, a New Year’s Resolution was just what the doctor ordered. And I’d be lying if I didn’t give some credit to The Chad (Remember him? He’s my roommate/boyfriend…Yea. It’s still happening). He is subject to my misery and anger after gorging myself on a massive cheeseburger and fries. And let’s face it…when one part of a couple tries to eat well, and the other eats whatever he/she wants…disaster strikes. The “healthy” one drools over the Whopper and finally snatches it from the other’s greasy grip and shoves the rest down their gullet in anger. And food eaten is anger is not a filling meal. So more junk is required. Insanity and uncomfortably tight clothes follow. This day is a re-birth for both of us…and I’m grateful.

But some credit is owed to my friend, Kenya. She’s that friend who always has really insightful and inspiring resolutions, and she has decided to do a “365 pictures” blog (aka: photo a day). And knowing her determination and dedication…I’m confident she’ll succeed. So that inspired me to dig in the depths of the web and find my abandoned blog.

Like the phoenix, I’m planning an exciting and colorful rise from the ashes of 2012. So I revamped this blog with a name change and a new look. And I guess we’ll see what happens from there. That’s a good start, right? Oh…and so far I’ve had coffee and Greek yogurt…and NOT chocolate. Already a major improvement from yesterday.

And away we go!



One thought on “Don’t call it a comeback…

  1. Maddie,
    Awesome blog (how did I not know this existed?!) Will be keeping up with you as the year goes on. See you in a few weeks for some R.UN. fun 🙂

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