So far, so good

I suppose anything would be going well one day in. 

Though, it’s worth mentioning that I was called out in the faculty room today.

Hey girl…how YOU doin’?

And yes…I resisted. Even with a delicious cup of coffee in my hand that was aching for a cookie to be dunked in it. I made it. Nice to see that the craving for sweets is manageable, at least.

Tonight has piloxing and a tabata classes in store. I’ve never done either one, so I’m anxious to see what happens. Will report back on those. Then there’s pole practice at 8:30. So it’s a long, late, sweaty night for me.

So…I’m really diving deep into this. The owner of my gym – Sweat Like a Girl – is doing a “Lose Like a Girl” challenge. I believe we’re doing 30 days using Shakeology as a supplement and tracking our calories and exercise. So, I had to sign up with for the shakes, and for calorie counting and exercise. I did Weight Watchers a couple years ago with some results, so I’m hoping the group setting and coaching will be the missing link to make it a long-term success. 

Welp, time to get moving to the gym. Mind at the beach…in the warmth…


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