Reality bites

I ended up doing a MASSIVE workout on Wednesday.

Piloxing class – not mine. We don’t color coordinate.

What a burn! It’s boxing, dancing, and pilates combined. There’s lots of punching, leg extensions, ab work…the whole gamut. For an hour. Nonstop. Water is a must. And I have to say…I liked standing in the front by the instructor and being able to see myself in the mirror (it helps that the instructor is a friend of mine, too!). In other classes, like Zumba, I preferred to fade into the background and flail about as I saw fit. In piloxing, I really wanted to get the movement correct so I could target the appropriate muscles. Awesome cardio and strength workout.

My friend also taught a 30-minute Tabata Teaser. Tabata is 20 seconds of maximum effort exerted for a particular exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. My class alternates two exercises – for example, burpees and squat jumps – for 4 or 5 sets. Then we do another two exercises. Jen (the instructor), gave us a “break” between sets with stretching, aerobics, or strength-building exercise.

Various exercises for the 20 second intervals. Again – not my class. No boys allowed!

So…you’d think I’d wrap it up.

You’d be thinking wrong.

Sweat Like a Girl just added “Hoopsweat” to the available classes. Peer-pressured by Jen and other friends at the studio, I stuck around to try it out.

A hula hoop fitness class.

I’ve never been able to hula hoop. I would definitely be the awkward kid standing away from the skinny girls at recess who were able to walk around while those darn hoops revolved about their itty bitty waists. Big Bertha here couldn’t even get one rotation.

Hoops in this class are bigger and heavier than the run-of-the-mill hoop. By design, that makes them easier for people to use. Miracle of miracles…I found myself keeping the hoop up and impressing some of my classmates (woohoo! love those ego boosts!)

We did a lot of arm and core work with the hoops, and learned some handling of the hoops to do tricks. All in all, a fun class…and I just loved how it was so different from everything else.

Hoop…there it is.

Oh…and that was an additional hour of exercise. If you’re good at math…you may have figured out that was 2 1/2 hours at the gym. Then I stuck around for some PoleKatz pole dance time. I mostly stretched, as my arms were burning and I hadn’t eaten dinner (hanger had started to rear its ugly head).

Last night was an hour of pole, followed by a mile walk with Frankie the dog. I found some dude’s wallet next to a Lincoln towncar. Ran up to the house (plastic bag of dog poop in hand – just my luck), and a very wooly college student answered the door. He looked like a super skinny orthodox Jew…sans curls on the sides. I really wanted my first words to be “Wow…excellent beard”, but the arctic winds had an icy grip on me, and I wanted to get home into the warmth ASAP. Apparently…college kids who rent ranch homes have a lot of parties – oh yea…Thirsty Thursday – and his buddy was already two poos to the wind. I paused for his brief expression of gratitude and bolted home.

Now, today was a bit of a reminder that I do not fare well in the cold. And when there are no classes at the gym, I have trouble getting my butt in gear. So Frankie was not walked, and I did not formally work out. However, I am heading in to a “Supergirl” class tomorrow at 9 a.m. Another first for me.

And I’m trying to figure out what I will do when I go to my friend’s house in Wellsboro next weekend to ensure I do not succumb to temptation or lack the motivation to keep on movin’. Also: debating meal preparation on Sundays. Getting those dinners ready and frozen so I can throw them in without much issue throughout the week. Hmm…


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