I get around

WOW. It’s been a whirlwind two weeks. I can’t quite wrap my head around the time that’s passed. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday – which I’ve always kind of enjoyed talking about to my students. Quite a challenge for English language learners – not only do they have a language barrier, but they don’t have the context of US history to help them understand the impact of the Civil Rights Movement (or really, what that even is).

I travelled up to Wellsboro, PA last weekend to visit with my three best friends. We went to the Corning Museum of Glass – where I may or may not have been hit on by a glass blower during a demonstration who made eyes at me – in addition to some tooling about the town, a morning hike around the Grand Canyon of PA, playing games and watching Silver Linings Playbook. 


I wanted to like this movie. C’mon. Bradley Cooper. Jennifer Lawrence. Robert DeNiro. Dancing. Eagles football. Plus, I was with “mah gurrls” so we could totally be girly and gush over this.

But I just could not.

I found this weird. And annoying. Kind of like an attempt at Juno or Garden State at something more “realistic”, rather than “Hollywood”. But it felt too scattered and disconnected to me. Certainly, it wasn’t horrible – there were some really funny scenes and it was nice to see a semi-accurate portrayal of mental illness…but I’m glad I did not pay any money to see this, and grateful I won’t have to watch it again.


I’ve been maintaining at least 1 hour of exercise 5 days each week. And it’s awesome to see the changes in my stamina and physical appearance (even if I’m the only one who sees them!). I’ve been drinking Shakeology for breakfast almost every day (it didn’t happen last weekend when I was away)…and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s got a good flavor, and if the ingredients are accurate…it’s a good feeling knowing that I’m getting all those nutrients! Downside: it’s muy expensivo. $120 a month. Girl’s got a budget, and it may not fit into mine in the long run. Though, the pains of preparing a full-scale meal are alleviated with the shake. It’d be nice to find it cheaper somewhere.

Now…off to do something I’ve been slacking on…a little play time outside with Frankie the Wild!


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