Gold stars

A friend (and colleague) at school remarked that I looked like I had lost weight. She’s someone I discuss fitness and healthy eating with on a regular basis, and plus…we’re girls. We’re good at giving that little gold star of achievement to each other. Not to say that I don’t get any recognition at home – The Chad has been incredibly supportive and that extra kick in the butt for me…but to hear it from someone I don’t live with, or even see on a daily basis, is a good affirmation of progress.

In previous weight-loss attempts…I stepped on the scale almost daily, eager to see the slightest change. Half a pound. A tenth of a pound. Whatever…as long as the number decreased. If the number remained the same, or – Heaven help us – it increased…insanity. Blubbering. Starvation. Exhaustion. You know. The polar opposite of a healthy diet. So I’ve resolved that I will not use the scale for a while. I’m thinking a hold until Easter. I want to feel and see results before I confirm them on a scale. I’m interested in strength, stamina, flexibility, and tone.

This is me doing an outside leg hang.
Me doing an outside leg hang.

This is an “intermediate” pole trick. I still struggle with releasing my hands from the pole. I’m not very confident when it comes to some of the aerial moves, and this is one area that I desperately want improvement. Just go on YouTube and type in “pole competition” and you’ll get a whole new perspective on the sport. You may also notice my club foot. For having no dance experience (on top of suffering from white girl syndrome), I have a pretty good point. For some reason, I get a Charlie Horse in my third and fourth toes when I try to point in this position. Other times, I’ve gotten cramping in my foot. It’s almost always that left foot – on the sole through my toes. It’s a terrible shooting pain. Anyone able to help me with my predicament? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

So. In the meantime, I’m going to continue my minimum of 5 hours of exercise each week and try to focus on getting into a split and holding a forearm and headstand. Hey…gotta dream big!




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