Morning Determination

I love mornings.

Despite the fact that I tend to sleep in whenever possible, I love the quiet of the mornings. I love getting started and feeling like I have all the time in the world. I love how anything and everything feels possible.

Afternoons are toughest for me. If a project isn’t started by the afternoon, it will most likely be abandoned. I feel hungry in the afternoon – for some reason, it seems like there is a much greater distance between lunch and dinner than there is between breakfast and lunch.

But right now, I feel confident in myself and resolved to get things accomplished today. Unfortunately, the time is already 9 and someone is still in bed.

I have to admit something.

I didn’t end at coconut cream pie on Thursday. I finished it on Friday. And then I drank 4 beers. The Chad and I went to see Rubix Kube, which is the most incredible 80s cover band I know. We danced our faces off.

Unintentional color coordination.
Unintentional color coordination.

The Chad became famous that night. Apparently he looked like Pitbull. You know…the rapper?

The Chad's alter ego
The Chad’s alter ego

So the woman who put the event together asked me if she could take her picture with him. And that turned into another picture. And then we saw those pictures on Facebook through the event page. Other women commented that they were stalking him, but were too afraid to ask for a picture. The Chad was in his glory. It’s also great to know that his authentic Miami Vice tux will potentially get even more use. (Wow, you just learned a crucial nugget about my personal life. The Chad and I are 80s freaks.)

The weekend brought more temptation. And I did cave to a small soft pretzel at the famer’s market on Saturday morning – it helped ease my post-80s party “fatigue”. But I also got some excellent fruit, meat, and cheese. Later, I had one of those Hershey’s Pot O’ Gold chocolate turtles. Mmmmm. Just one, I swear. And yesterday, I was very proud of myself. I started the morning off with a Shakeology drink – organic strawberries and coconut/almond milk. Used up some rotisserie chicken in a salad for lunch, then made organic brown jasmine rice (what a process!) with the rest of the rotisserie chicken and kidney beans in tomato soup that I tried to spice up. Kind of a Mexican gumbo a la Qdoba.

My friend Todd is turning 30 this week, and his girlfriend invited me to come out to the Sands casino for a “surprise party” while Brian Kirk and the Jirks performed. Of course, I had to go! I managed to avoid any drinking and resisted the temptation to gamble the remaining cash I had from the farmer’s market. I had an awesome time listening to music ranging from “In the Mood” to “Locked Out of Heaven”. We danced, we laughed, we had a lot of fun. However…my hair still smells like cigarettes. Which I hate. No. I abhor. But, the downside of casinos is that they do not serve food on the main floor, so they can get away with allowing smokers inside. BAHHH. Of course, I find myself surrounded by two women who decided to chain-smoke throughout the night. Now my clothes and my person smell like an ashtray. Boooo.

I’m wondering how anyone else combats the tempation to eat poorly. What is your Achilles’ heel? How do you resist the urge to splurge?



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