Are you ready for this?!

Where does the time go? Seriously? Every day, I feel like I’ll get a nice chunk of time to sit, unwind, sip a cup of coffee/tea/chai/whatevs, and type a little here. Just to decompress. But alas and alack…fate does not play that “time” card in my favor. Fear not, brave hearts. I have been oh-so busy.

And I have pictures!

Have you hit the jackpot, or what?! (Somewhere, someone is rolling their eyes and thinking…”Oh NO, sista child…I shall waste no mo’ time ‘pon yo’ blog.” And that’s okay. I’m too much for me, sometimes)

Group Fitness Certification @ SCW Mania Philadelphia

A week ago, I made the trek down to Philly with 2 of my friends from Sweat Like a Girl. We had to leave by 6 a.m. to make the class at 8 a.m. Of course, we missed the exit and crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge…do you know where that leads? The seventh layer of the underworld!!! You may know it as “New Jersey”. But anywho…we finally found our way and got to the MANIA convention relatively unscathed. 

SOMEONE needs their coffee…even though those capris are loud enough to wake up the rest of Philadelphia!

Fast forward 8 hours later – after an hour of a “typical” fitness class, note-taking, water breaks, and high-quality instruction from the incomparable Lawrence Biscontini – we’ve finished our 56 question test and are freshly certified for group fitness! WOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOO!!!

What better way to round out the day than with a little indulgence at Max Brenner. Oh, it was sooooooo good.

Hummus, babaganoush, and scrumptious pita wedges. Healthful, yes?
80s milkshake for the designated driver!

A tame dinner for me, as I still needed to get our little posse home safe and sound. Lots of laughter, which is the best indulgence.

Of course…one can always anticipate some eye candy in Philadelphia…

Why have a poodle skirt when you can get a poodle sneaker?

While we’re on the topic of dogs…

Frankie got a haircut!

With the weather finally cooperating, I’m anticipating more time outside with this little lint monster. He LOVES any and all time running around, and he’s actually pretty great off-leash. We took advantage of a warm-ish day on Sunday and went to a local rail trail to burn off some pent-up energy.

A rare moment of rest…

I have just felt so happy…coming off of the high of achieving my certification…and to add even more excitement, I’ll be a substitute instructor in 2 weeks for a Tabata teaser class at Sweat Like a Girl! WHOA! And the owner is going to train me for pole instruction in the meantime. DOUBLE WHOA! Such big things happening…I’m trying to take it all in stride.

My mind is starting to wander a bit, and I’m a little envious of The Chad dozing off next to me. So for now, I bid adieu. A new installment forthwith.


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