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"Love notes" from Heather at Sweat Like a Girl
“Love notes” from Heather at Sweat Like a Girl

Pinterest strikes again, but at least this time…it wasn’t me.

The “Lose Like a Girl” challenge I began in January has morphed into the “Sweaty Loser Girls” club. As each month wraps up, the group of women involved are inducted into our large group. We have a page on Facebook to motivate and challenge each other, plus make connections and hold each other accountable for workouts and healthy eating. Heather found the previous gem and it tugged just the right heartstring.

Despite the major gains I’ve made in fitness, I’ve really lost a lot of my mojo with eating. I’ve been allowing myself desserts, eating servings sizes that are not appropriate, and not drinking my Shakeology shakes as much. And I’ve felt and seen a difference. It’s not significant, but the path I’m on is a dangerous one. Yes, I have to forgive myself sometimes and allow a little “bad” to happen (a little indulgence is key to success and satisfaction, I think), but I need to be a lot more strict with myself in the meantime.

I’m not done with this journey yet!


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