Heart and Soles

Well, covering one class quickly evolved into three last week. Tabata on Wednesday, Pole Sweat on Thursday, and another Pole Fit on Friday – whew! How’s that for getting my feet wet?!

All seemed to go well. The atmosphere was very positive and I feel like many of the girls could relate to me on a different level. Where the regular instructor is jacked and considered a “pro” in the World of Pole…I’m the everyday gal. Dancing and gymnastics aren’t my forte, nor do they come quickly or naturally to me. I made sure to emphasize that everyone learns at a different pace. Individual tricks or moves come to some faster than others. I like to think that I encouraged everyone to continue with pole, and got them on moving enough to feel more confident and find at least some success.

Friday night was intended to have a “sexy” theme to go with it. I only had two women attend, so I was able to get some really great one-on-one instruction with them. And I also made a great playlist for it. The Chad has an incredible music collection, so I had a lot to sort through! Will post a playlist later on. Need to figure out a better format than the one I used previously.

In other news, I found this:

Miss Piggy fitness!
Miss Piggy fitness!

How fun is that?? I wish I could find a few more samples of the songs…it’s pretty ridiculous from what I can gather.

Now…I am looking for a recommendation.

I need new shoes.

I’ve been doing research on the best shoes for high impact fitness classes (ie. Zumba, Tabata, etc.). I’m seeing the Asics most frequently. I’m rather fond of this pair, but I’m open to other suggestions. I have a tendency of buying shoes that are brightly colored. I like them. I’ll admit it. But if anyone out there in the great beyond has any input, I’m all ears. 🙂


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