Music and Musings

So, here’s that playlist I used for my “sexy” pole class. Actually, I have about 46 songs, but some were for St. Patrick’s Day…so they’re not really sexy at all. Unless your significant other is into stripteases to the haunting melodies of bagpipes and penny whistles. I’m not one to judge.

I used picmonkey to edit this photo with my playlist. Yessss…that’s me. Be kind – it’s from last fall.


Musings were a part of this post’s title, yes?

Since I last posted, I played in an alumni band to celebrate our high school band director’s retirement after 35 years in the school. Phew. Sort of a Mr. Holland’s Opus.  In addition to normal, non-exciting people like me, his former students included the drummer from Alice Cooper and Megadeath, as well as the maestro for Japan’s national orchestra, a slew professional musicians, and an Irish step dancer. Incredible, right? There was also a Samoan fire dancer and retired officers from Her Majesty’s Coldstream Guards. I was sort of torn among a few different emotions. Pride from being involved in such a phenomenal organization. Anger towards the powers-that-be cutting funding to arts programs. Sadness and regret that I didn’t try a little harder to be a better musician when I was younger. And wonder mixed with hope. I know parents generally say they pray their kids “turn out all right” (not being a parent, I cannot confirm nor deny these aspirations). But I’ve had a lot of kids go through my classroom doors already. I hope and pray that their lives aren’t as complicated as I believe them to be. That they stay away from drugs and avoid “experimenting” anything. I hope and pray even harder that their lives get better and they realize their potential and worth. But as a teacher…we don’t always get the luxury of finding out. And I wonder how that felt for my teacher, who had 35 years of memories filled with students and their parents. He got to see that so many of us were okay. Successful. Happy. Still loving music. I can’t even imagine how that felt. But he deserved every moment of that night, and then some.

Well, I’m on Easter “break” until Tuesday. I got to take a morning class – Willpower and Grace – which was a little bit like yoga. The focus is on the strength stemming from your feet. Through the direction of the teacher, I really did notice a huge difference in my balance and strength when I concentrated on the location and position of my feet. There were some good strength and flexibility components to the class, and I certainly worked up a good sweat.  I liked it a lot.

Hopefully there are many things accomplished this weekend – I’ve already done some work on finances in our budget binder, fixed some issues with DirecTV and Verizon…and The Chad is upstairs doing the mountain of dishes. I’d say today was pretty successful.

Happy Easter!



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