Musical Mind, Klutzy Choreography

This may come as a shock (to who, I’m not entirely sure)…but I’m not exactly the best dancer.


I mean, I practice dancing on and with a pole multiple nights a week in class, have successfully learned and performed choreography, and even come up with my own moves now and then. But, I’m a white girl who grew up in the suburbs listening to the Beatles and dancing polkas with my family. The butt shaking I’m most familiar with is in “The Chicken Dance”.

Okay, the reason for this big share session? I entered into the local Pole Competition at my gym. I’ll be competing in May in the “amateur” division (there’s also “master” and “professional” divisions), and I’ve got nothin’. And in addition to freaking out about choreography…I don’t even have a song!


Because I am excellent at procrastinating and making lists…I made a list of songs I’m considering. Forgive me for using a ridiculous picture of myself. It kind of explains how I feel.

Pole Playlist


Most of my friends do slow-ish songs and big dramatic moves. I’m not so dramatic and graceful as I am comedic and klutzy. I don’t want any song so painfully slow that I’ll die trying to do something really flexible or amazing, nor do I want a fast tempo where I fall over myself trying to keep up with the speed.

Can I get some input? I mean, if you were going to a pole dance competition (let’s just imagine, here…), I know I wouldn’t want to sit and listen to an hour’s worth of esoteric, new-age music coupled with long, dramatic movements. I like a little action and variety. And I want to be true to my fun-loving personality. I’m not a serious dancer, or a gymnast. I’m a person who seeks fitness and health and have fallen in love with the sport. At this juncture, I won’t get better unless I challenge myself and force myself to work at something that’s difficult and – honestly – quite daunting.

So…I don’t know…YouTube these songs. Leave some feedback. I would really appreciate hearing what the “public” would want to hear for a performance.

Have a wonderful Thursday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Musical Mind, Klutzy Choreography

  1. Only one I know (coz its on my own pole playlist!) Is Van Halen 🙂 will have to check out your options. Just to give you even more to think about some of the random other faves from my own list are:
    She Wolf – David Guetta
    Little Bad Girl – Swedish House Mafia
    Spectrum – Florence and the Machine
    You Spin Me… – Dead or Alive
    Witch Queen of New Orleans – Redbone
    Reet Petite – Jackie Wilson
    S&M – Rihanna
    Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
    Jerk It Out – Caesars

    Hell there are loads of random ‘just for fun’ ones on my list 🙂

    Good luck

  2. Oh, thank you so much! You’re making the selection process even more difficult. I’ve been listening to all of these songs to see which one really “fits”. What a trial! Will let you know once I make a decision 🙂

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