Produce & Progress

So last week at the farmer’s market (oh yes, I am behind!), The Chad and I bought a whole lot of produce. A whole flat  (4 quarts) of strawberries for $5! Well, I couldn’t help but suspect that we’d end up tossing the majority of it if I didn’t rinse it and have it ready to eat right away. I took some time and carefully rinsed everything with a bit of vinegar, spent some time cutting, and sorted out the good from the not-so-good, and wound up with some awesome, fresh produce just waiting to be eaten.


I have to say…I was pretty pleased with myself. At the end of week one, I’m proud to say we have been eating this stuff! It definitely took up a good chunk of time to get everything prepared. And I’m still trying to figure out how to cut that pineapple. When I worked at a deli, I had a pretty awesome (large) knife that I could dice up a pineapple with in no time. This one poses a much greater challenge.

The flow kept going into Sunday when I took Frankie to the dog park for the first time in a while.

Clearly, he was not as thrilled as I was for a photo op.

Our dog park is okay – it really pales in comparison to other places I’ve seen advertised in other states, but it’s great for Frankie to get some socialization and time to run around like a lunatic. There are two fenced in areas, one designated for “small” dogs and one for “large” dogs. During the hour we spent there, two men brought in their puppies – one was a 5 month old Cane Corso, the other a young pit bull. Both on the “small” side (from my perspective), and I mean…they were puppies. Clumsy, awkward, relatively slow. The pit bull may have been a bit intimidating to some because he had his ears clipped. It definitely makes them seem more “fierce”. But these two puppies were very friendly and supervised. There were some dogs under 10 pounds in the park. Then there were some toy dogs – a mini dachshund, and a teacup Yorkie. These dogs – in my opinion – should be under a careful watch or not in the dog park at all. They are so small that they do not really benefit from the exercise with other dogs and run too much of a risk of being trampled (and hurt) by other dogs. Frankie would especially do some damage to them – he’s a pretty powerful runner and 20 lbs. of pure muscle. Anywho…the dogs start running in a circle. Playing. Two dogs – a corgi and a lhasa apso mix – are yapping away as the dogs are running. No teeth are bared, no whimpers are audible…the dogs were just having a good time. But…because the Cane Corso and pit puppies were in the mix…some women started freaking. “Get your G– D– dog!” “Whose F–ing dog is this?!” “Control your M– F– animal!”


Not wanting to instigate more of a fight, I grabbed Frankie and pulled him out of the rumpus. The two men took their dogs and left, and the women screaming also left. It just made me so sad and angry that some dog owners are so ignorant about typical dog behavior. Not only that, but there is a real misconception about the way a dog park should be run. It’s kind of like a public playground – you go at your own risk. If there’s a problem, there’s a mature, responsible way to handle it. But in a public place, you should be maintaining some kind of social decorum. I suppose that’s where I’ll find myself disappointed – the way people treat each other in public has drastically changed since I was young. And the language that we are subjected to is crude and offensive.

Pardon my dog rant…on to some health updates…

I’ve managed to cut sweets back out of my life. And Heather is going to have me trained in Tabata Bootcamp! Woohoo! This means an opportunity to teach Tabata and Supergirl classes – HIIT training!

In closing, I want to share a little photographic comparison of where I’ve come from…

Before AfterThe first picture is from today at Heather’s baby shower (far left), the second is from 2011 at Heather’s bridal shower (second from left). Oh, how things have changed. [Credit for today’s picture goes to Kenya! :)]





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