Teacher Appreciation Day

I walked into school with a huge poster outside my room making the claim that I am the best.

Students made one for all the teachers at my school, but hey…it’s nice to be recognized. They continued to congratulate me throughout the day and wish me “Happy Teacher Day, Missy!”

I guess middle schoolers can be sweet.

In retrospect, the past week has really flown by…but to live it was like walking knee-deep in sand. It seemed to drag on endlessly.

However, I have been introduced to a new butt-kicker in class.

LeBert Equalizers
(definitely check out the video…it’s a little inside look at a SuperGirl class)

So in the midst of my usual crazy workout schedule, I’m trying to keep up with the homework from my graduate course and get my research off the ground so that I can earn my Masters. Meanwhile, grades are due tomorrow and the pole competition is next weekend – I have not completely choreographed my dang song (which is “Jump” by Van Halen).

It’s been very overwhelming. And I haven’t even gone into my own questionable mental state. But there’s a lot to look forward to. On the same day as the pole competition, I’ll be getting certified as a Tabata Bootcamp instructor.

IMG_5378This will really help me get more involved at the gym as an instructor, rather than as a participant. From my conversations with Heather, I’ll be able to run sessions of Tabata Bootcamp and pole classes. I love the idea of having a group of people to grow and evolve, rather than a random group of people on a weekly basis. For pole, I’ll be able to strengthen my choreography skills (hopefully), and increase my endurance.

Well, I have to get back to my grading. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!




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