Teaching a “Supergirl” Class

So, I’ve taught pole and Tabata classes. I kind of feel like I’m going into the big leagues. Supergirl is Heather’s creation. It’s an intense aerobic and strength workout that lasts an hour. Basically…anything and everything offered in other classes is used at some point or another.

This past Monday, she did a 90-minute “Super Sweat Fest“. Ouch.

Now, I know Heather’s style is all her own. I’ve got my own strengths, too. I am optimistic and energetic. I’ve coached and taught before. But I really struggle with the aerobic components that Heather integrates so seamlessly.

I’m debating the format that I’ll use. I want to incorporate Tabatas, some piloxing, and circuits. I’m also thinking I’ll do a game or two. Honestly…I’m really drawing a lot of inspiration from my Tabata Bootcamp training with Mindy Mylrea. She had some great suggestions for extending a typical Tabata Bootcamp workout (which is 20-30 minutes) to an hour long class.

What I’m really looking for are some favorite exercises. What is your favorite thing to do when you go to a class? Or when you hit the gym on your own? Is there are specific move that really makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something?

And I’m working on a playlist. Of course. I’m back and forth between using a CD with a consistent BPM or my own music to get my group revved up. Decisions, decisions..


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