First Supergirl Class…

I had about 15 women come to my class this morning. Not gonna lie – it was intimidating. I felt like I really needed to give them a good sweat with some effective exercises. Luckily, some of my friends were there…so I could keep a positive, fun attitude and just try to relax.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun – they especially seemed to like the games I threw in. It definitely was not the same format that Heather usually does, but it worked out for me. I don’t think anyone would not want to come back…which is a plus!


Supergirl June1

I’m excited that I get to do this again next  Saturday. I feel like I can be more prepared and get even a better session going. It’s also a relief that my friend, Jen, is teaching this class on Monday night. I can check out what she does – since she’s also a Piloxing instructor and more experienced than me – and use some of her techniques in my class.



One thought on “First Supergirl Class…

  1. Sounds like an awesome experience, Mads! So glad you’ve got this going on. I’d totally come to your class if I didn’t live an hour+ away 🙂

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