To the beach!

Just finished my research presentation for my Masters. My paper come to be 72 pages. Had to spend around $50 for the tri-fold poster board, printing, and binding. But it’s DONE.

So far I have an A overall…we’ll see what happens after my grades for the paper and presentation are factored in.

However…tomorrow I am off to FLORIDA. First beach time in 3 years. Wow. I’m anticipating that the Chad and I will be pretty active – walks along the beach, SUP board (my friend conveniently works at a shop!), swimming, exploring the area…and I’m so anxious for fresh oranges, pineapple, and seafood!

I’m not really worried about eating too badly. Every time I’m on vacation, I feel like I lose weight since I’m so happy to be near the ocean. The only real temptation is to drown this past graduate course from memory with alcohol…hmmm…

…as long as there’s fresh fruit on the rim with an umbrella 🙂

Any suggestions for good beach workouts would be appreciated! I can’t guarantee they’ll be completed, but it’s nice to be prepared, right?


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