Cardio Fight Club

I usually reserved Mondays for SuperGirl in the evening – around 7 p.m. During the school year, this is nice because it’s enough time to get dinner ready and do things around the house, but it also stinks because I get into relaxation mode and just want to stay home.

However, I’ve always preferred working out in the morning – it kick starts the day and gets one task completed before I get to work. Sweat Like A Girl has classes starting at 9:30. So today, rather than waiting until the evening (after a day of sweating doing work in the house and yard), I went in for Cardio Fight Club. Of course, this was taught by Heather…whose athletic ability never ceases to amaze me.

Now, I’m not great at early mornings, but by 9:30, I had eaten a hard-boiled egg, one of those awesome muffins from yesterday, and washed down my vitamins with some Bolthouse Green Goodness. Perky doesn’t exactly describe it…but I was awake and alert.

We started out with rope-less jump ropes and warmed up with fast feet, side to side lunges, and squats while “roping” forwards and backwards. That’s definitely one way to get the heart pumping!

We went into a series of punches – forward jabs, side jabs, uppercuts, downward jabs, and raised jabs – alternating between half-time and double-time. Heather incorporated the other arm with 1-2 punches, jab and cross combos, and rhythm punches. Of course…the legs got their workout with lunches, deep squats, side kicks and roundhouse kicks. Do this on both sides, of course. In between switching sides, we did more rope-less jump ropes with fast feet.

There was also a series of front kicks, coupled with a backwards lunge. (OUCH).

For the second half of class, we went into groups of 3 on punching bags. There, we did the various types of punches and kicks on the bag. In between sets, Heather had us climb up and down on the bag stands, then do a raised plank using the stand for either mountain climbers or push-ups (OUCH AGAIN!). Oh, there was some shuffling left and right in there, too.

Afterwards, we split into three groups: Group 1 – Burpees…going all the way to the ground, Group 2 – Fast feet with the rope-less jump ropes, and Group 3 – punching bags to kick around the room. We did 45 seconds at each station with 15 seconds rest in between. In between the rotations, we jogged around the room. We did this circuit twice, then went back into groups around the bags for a few more sets of punches and kicks.

To round out class, we got on mats for some ab work. Bicycles, scissor kicks, flutter kicks, leg crosses, then push-ups, planks, and knee extension to elbows in plank position. Owowowowowwwwww!!! That set we did maybe 5 times? Feelin’ the burn, oh yes!

Of course, there was a little stretching at the end of class. But MAN, what a great workout! I was loving the cardio mixed with the boxing elements. I think the muscle built from fighting and lifting your own body weight is so much more effective than lifting dumbbells. I’m looking forward to doing that class again next Monday! I’ll need to get some kind of gloves, though…my knuckles were getting a little beat up from hitting the bag. I was smart enough to turn my ring under my finger so I wasn’t punching with the rock. That would’ve hurt.

Check out the video clip HERE


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