LeBarre = LePain!

Today’s early class was LeBarre. I tried this out last week and OH.MY.THIGHS. Paiiiiiin!!!

Shockingly, I have never been a dancer (outside of the club with a little liquid courage)…but LeBarre takes some principals of ballet and focuses on strengths and elongating muscles. Like the tagline says in the photo below…BARRE = Balance, Agility, Resistance, Recovery, and Eloquence. Squats, lunges, and leg lifts, OH MY!! And everything done on one side must be done on the other. It’s constant movement, using knee bends as recovery and transition between sets. The one set I really like is using the Equalizer (that free-standing bar thing in the picture) as weight in a lunge, squat, relevé, back to a lunge, leg extension, then leg lift. We also do a lunge set where we do elevated push-ups on the EQs (Equalizers). 

Towards the end of class, we went into a set of standing abs using the EQs for balance, if needed.

Unfortunately, we started a little late and ended late, and I couldn’t stay for the extra ab work on mats that led into the following Pilates class.

What a great burn, though. Especially as someone who has suffered from thunder thighs…it’s awesome to have a workout that really targets lengthening those muscles and alleviating the chub rub, hah!

Oh, and on a side note…I should have been pictured in the gym’s ad below, but I left right at 10:30 to make it to an appointment for a venue. 😦 Poop. But the venue was awesome.



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