Altering the Routine

Banana bread from before? Totally awesome. Definitely give it a try.

Homemade bread? Also awesome. Yay, bread maker!

On an unhealthy note…I ate a cupcake today. And a piece of ice cream cake. But I did decline really delicious-looking wedding cake from a bridal expo. Score one for health. Can we just revisit the cupcake momentarily? I mean…this is my problem. I don’t need a ton of sweet in my life…but WOW, I love those desserts! One cupcake was more than enough. So there’s that. Chad and I split two cupcakes – one tiramisu and one strawberry smoothie. Um, the strawberry icing was to die for. It’s from our favorite cupcakery (? has this really become a word?), Blondie’s, in Catasauqua. I want these cupcakes for our wedding. Yay for big individual desserts!

Meanwhile, my stomach has been all…Maddie, WTF? You’re really not feeding me healthy things consistently. You keep throwing in those confectionary delights and messing up my mojo! Please excuse my personification of body parts. But seriously…I’ve really been struggling with a routine. And it would seem that I allow myself to get easily distracted from the routine.

It looks as though I am faced with my dreaded enemy.


For those days I don’t feel like driving to the gym. To lengthen and tone my legs. For a little bonding time with Frankie the Fuzz. For something that I can’t really make excuses to miss. And to force myself into a consistent routine, incorporating more cardio to improve my endurance and get some power back into my knees. I’m certainly not going to be training for any races, much less expecting to bring home any medals, but I have to admit…it’d be nice to have a little more stamina in the jogging department.

I still haven’t bought sneakers for the gym. Guess I have to really look into quality cross-trainers now. Any suggestions?


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