July Challenge

Yes, I am aware that July is rounding the corner to its end…but it’s not August!

Through the “Sweaty Loser Girls” group via Sweat Like A Girl (all the women who have participated in a month-long challenge at the gym are  in this group)…I’ve found some gals that share my frustration in hitting a plateau in workout and eating habits. We’ve decided to challenge ourselves and hold each other accountable. Here’s what we’ve come up with thus far:

1. Monday (July 22nd) – Take measurements of arms, legs, stomach.

2. Complete some sort of exercise every day, report on group’s chat page (on Facebook). At least 3 classes at the gym.

3. Incorporate five servings of fruits & veggies. Burpee penalty for missed servings. One girl suggested 10 burpees for each serving. (I suggested we keep it one, HAH…dang burpees!)

4. Next measurements in 4 weeks (Aug 18th)

My personal goal is to incorporate running into my workouts, and be more consistent with my exercise. Of course, there’s the push for eating better, too. I like the fact that I’ll be checking in with the other women and we’ll be taking measurements. It’s something more accurate than stepping on the scale, and at this juncture in my weight loss – it’s more pertinent. I’m trying to feel the changes in my body through the way clothes fit and how capable I am during class. One big fitness goal is a sustained handstand. I’ve never been able to do one…but I’ve gotten closer with the forearm stand.

On a side note: we finally saw some of the professional pictures from the Lehigh Valley Pole Competition back in May. This is one of my favorites…

Outside Leg Hang
Outside Leg Hang



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