Measurements: YOU-ly Challenge

The Sweaty Loser Girls group started weighing in this morning via Facebook. It was really exciting to see someone that I don’t really know at all jump in with this challenge that some other girls started with me. Unfortunately, she’s starting from a different (i.e. smaller) place than me. And I don’t know why it gets to me. She is clearly a smaller person, with a different build. Of course her measurements would be different. That doesn’t mean I should be ashamed of mine! The Chad asked if I was reconsidering posting my stats. DUH. YES! It’s not a terrible place. But this is the motivation I need to get my booty back into gear.

Oh…did you want to know what those stats were?

Sorry. Since the FB group is at least private and women-only…I’m at least semi-comforted by the amount of security. A blog is just way too public of a forum for me to really throw all of my info out there. Plus, as a teacher, it is unwise to release such information. But I will be happy to share any changes! I don’t want to step on a scale or touch a measuring tape until August 18th – our check-in with the challenge. I become way too obsessive if I do so in the interim.

Today’s plan includes housework. Lots of housework. I thought in lieu of hitting the gym, I would take Frankie out to the Rail Trail, and do some circuits in the backyard. I want to start challenging myself to do things at home, so there can’t be any excuses if I don’t decide to drive to the gym.

And we’re sticking with the five servings of fruits & veggies – 10 burpee penalty for each serving missed!

Here we go…


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