It’s a Beautiful Day

This morning was kind of like a musical. I’ll admit it – I’ve always subconsciously considered my life an award-winning film. I constantly have a soundtrack playing in my head and dramatize certain moments (alone). Like riding in a car…have you ever looked at your reflection in the window and thought of a song and imagined the scene? Just me? Ok, then…

I subbed for my friend Jen’s Tabata Boot Camp class at 6 a.m. Have I mentioned I am a teacher? And it’s summer? Do you realize the implication of these facts?! It’s highly likely that I’ve intended to wake up around 7:30, but actually arise from my den around 10. Moving right along…
I got to unlock the building and set up. I didn’t feel groggy, just a little nervous! Luckily, TBC (that’s short for Tabata Boot Camp…although I’ve just used up so much more time explaining the acronym) is supplemented with a fantastic website maintained by Mindy Mylrea. She has uploaded videos of the entire session. All 30 minutes. I love that. Not just a list, or pictures, but actually modeling the workout. Such a great deal! BTW…I have access to these videos as a certified TBC trainer. I’m not exactly sure what the students are able to see (again…never taught the boot camp).

Today was a core workout. WHOA. TBC utilizes HIIT and the Tabata method (duh), but this particular workout is modified to a “hard, harder, hardest” set of intervals. 40-30-20 seconds. Each interval gets progressively more difficult and intense. Boy, did we work!

Core Tabatas

These aren’t all the tabatas, but they definitely will produce a sweat! There are CDs that instructors can use that have voice commands (which make the TBC so much  easier to teach), but frugal instructors, fear not. I’ve downloaded Tabata Timers for my iPod that work wonderfully. They just aren’t as efficient as the CDs, unfortunately. But they definitely work!

So now, I’ve eaten, Frankie’s been out, The Chad is sick, but nursed with some hot tea, and it’s only 8! The whole day is ahead of us…

And just to throw a cog in the wheel…we’re looking at bringing a bird into the family. I’m leaning towards a lovebird, but I’m worried my cage is a little too small. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

It’s a beautiful day, according to Michael Bublé!


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