Sweat Camp: The Demise of my Thighs

Two days later and I’m still hurtin’ a bit.

I went in to “observe” and participate Heather’s Sweat Camp class on Thursday. I’ll be subbing for her next week. I also get to teach SuperGirl at the Athleta store in the Promenade Shops next Friday. How fun! They move all the clothing racks out of the way and our gym offers a free class to any woman who wants to come in. Should be awesome.

Anyways, having never gone to Sweat Camp, I had to see what it was all about.

It’s Ouch Town, population: you.

From my notes:

WARM UP: Running laps with kettlebell ~5 min.
WORKOUT: Pick a lane (the gym floor on the main level of the complex has lane markings…it’s also a super fun, springy gymnastics floor with awesomely blue carpeting); squats, touching kettlebell to floor.
Swing kettlebell (both arms), ensuring it goes from between legs to ear level.
Sprint to other side and back.
Pick up KB; swing in same manner, but add jump on lifts. Continue back to other side.
At opposite end, plank. Push-ups (~8).
Sprint to other side and back (far end).
Pick up KB, cup in hands. Lunge with alternating legs, raising kettlebell when lifting back to standing position.
Sprint to other side and back.
Pick up KB, lunge in the same manner (with KB raise) to other side.
Plank at the end of the lane. Push-ups.
Sprint to other side and back.
Pick up KB. “Halo”. Elbows are out, cupping KB in front of face. Rotate clockwise around head. Stop in front of face, and rotate counterclockwise.
Halo clockwise and counterclockwise, then squat jump 3x down to other side.
Plank when at other end.
Push-up, flip body over (arm over arm to right), push-up. Flip body back to left. Repeat.
Bear crawl with straight legs to other end.
Inch worm (straight legs) back, switch to army-crawl at halfway point.
Standing long jump back down lane.
At end, plank off edge of floor. Slow, deliberate mountain-climbers.
Sprint to other side.
Elbow planks (I wrote “long time” here). Downward dog to rest.
Kneel. Step forward with right leg, then left leg. Kneel with right knee, then left knee. Do this to other end.
Once at other end, skip with high knees in place. Then skip down and back with high knees.
Front kick with straight legs, hip-level to other end.
Side kick (a turned-out kick) with straight legs, hip-level on return.
Run to other side and pick up KB.
Make a circle. Burpees.
Lay on back. Raise legs 90 degrees, keeping straight. Lift shoulders off floor. Heel taps with straight legs. Do this for 45 degrees, and 3 inches off floor.
Start at near end. Sprint down and back 3x. Try to go faster each time.
COOL DOWN: Walk around floor. Usual cool-down stretches.

Luckily, I live in a ranch. I’m very appreciative of the lack of stairs in my house. Getting up Friday morning was no treat.


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