A few weeks ago, we were informed that our gym’s building owner had sold the building to an HVAC company. This means that Sweat Like A Girl, American Top Team, and the Lehigh Valley Sports Academy are forced to find new homes by September 22nd.

Initially, we were shocked and dismayed by the news. I mean…it’s terrifying. We’re not a Gold’s Gym or L.A. Fitness. We’re small. Privately owned. But our membership has grown to over 150 women. That doesn’t include the women who drop in or have yet to be sucked into the SLAG love.

One of the members formed this website in an effort to help Heather afford a new space, as well as labor and renovations necessary to get it workout ready.

That’s where you come in. Someone. Anyone. We desperately need your help. There are only 14 days left for us to gather the funds for our new facility. There are incredible advertising, apparel, and membership perks for your donation. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE consider donating…or passing this information along to interested parties.

Visit THIS website for more information and to make your contribution.

Sweat Like A Girl has truly changed my life and altered my vision for health and fitness. I would not be the person I am today were it not for the incredible instructors and women there. Please let us continue providing women with a safe, invigorating home for exercise and developing their fitness and health.

Thank you 🙂20130815120937-logo


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