Stubborn Tuna

Tonight’s supper was a small victory. I made some really fantastic smashed potatoes using plain greek yogurt (tasted delicious!). The broccoli also turned out well – it had that vibrant green color, but didn’t get to the point of complete sogginess. Blech.


The fantastic (wild caught) tuna steaks I bought were not cooperating. After some online research, I found the most consistent result to be 10 minutes at 400 degrees in a foil packet. I carefully sliced up the lemon. Then, I gently lay each steak on top of two slices and coated them in Lemon Garlic marinade (from Wegman’s). Finally, I wrapped up those bad boys and threw ’em in the over.

10 minutes later…perimeter darkened, inside raw.

10 minutes later…center still partially raw.

10 minutes later…FINALLY. Eat time!

They turned out well, but I’m shocked at how long they took. And yes…I accounted for their size and thickness. Weird. I wish I could trust the internet.

Since the tuna took so dang long, here is a picture of the sides…



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