Knocked Down. Getting Back Up.

To say that September was stressful is a bit of an understatement.

As I sit here trying to type what I want to say, I find myself upset and frustrated all over again. So, rather than divulge all of the morbid details that have their way of infiltrating life…I’ll sum up with September briefly.

1. My house got cleaned to host people over.

2. Sweat Like A Girl is now 30 minutes away.

3. I’m about 14 lbs. heavier from when I got engaged in June.

There you have it. Everything surrounding those statements really took a toll on me physically and emotionally. But it’s October, I’m getting married in June, and I’m feeling like crap with my current eating and exercise habits.

I was supposed to start a Tabata Bootcamp this past Monday at Sweat Like A Girl. Nobody signed up. The new location in Nazareth (30 minutes one way) is a hassle. And I can’t make that kind of commitment – not just because of time, but because of mileage and gas money. Three times a week for a half hour class, but an hour of driving? That’s not a good use of my time.

Some other gals from the gym are equally frustrated and knocked down from the move. For whatever reason – they, too, are unable to commit to the journey out to Nazareth, despite love of exercise and dedication to the program there.

I started doing the Tabata Bootcamp on my own. I needed a change in my routine, and I owned that. It’s small – only 30 minutes – but it’s a step in the right direction, and certainly building on the strength and conditioning exercises that I’ve been lacking in.

But what about my friends? All those women who lost their fitness home?

I’m looking to find a way to fill that void. I know I can’t buy into the traditional gym. I’ve had membership at L.A. Fitness and Planet Fitness. They’re not for me. They’re not for a lot of women. But maybe if I can get a class – Tabata Bootcamp, SuperGirl, Hot Hula…maybe I can give them (and myself) SOMETHING. Not Sweat Like A Girl…but something. 

Meanwhile, I’m hosting my family (parents, sister, younger brother, older brother and his wife…in addition to The Chad and I) tomorrow for my mom’s birthday. I’m all for a little pressure, but I’m certainly not sad to see September out the door.

Here’s to (yet another) new beginning. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. (Name that song! Love me some Semisonic)



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