Judgement & Photo Phobia

Okay, so I am not so thrilled with what I look like right now…but it’s natural to judge myself much harsher than necessary.

Why do we do that? I mean, a little criticism is healthy. It keeps you motivated. But when we beat ourselves down and feel like absolute crap? Where’s the help in that?

I need to work on some smaller goals. I have visions of grandeur (in the form of looking more like Beyonce), but I think a mental makeover is in order. Time to get that “glass half full” mentality back in action.

And, let’s not forget that The Chad and I are getting married in 8 months. 8 months! Before, I had a whole year to get in shape. But now…time is slipping away. There will be a lot of pictures. Despite my goal of being more optimistic and not judging myself so harshly…those wedding pictures will last forever. I don’t want to regret not working harder, or being happier with myself prior to my wedding day.

I’m still fine-tuning my plan of action. Workouts, eating, the works. I’m making due thus far, but I want to officially start this Sunday with pictures and measurements, and really get into a groove. I’m even looking into a gym. One that’s closer. In the meantime, I’m planning on a few visits to SLAG each week.

We shall see…


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