Something Different

Just as this blog was left in hopeless abandon, so was my health.

Hellooooooo, cookie batter! You need someone to finish that cake? Pass it over here, sister!

Any and all willpower left me. I made no effort to get to the gym…and my clothes became uncomfortably snug.

It hurts to think about where I was. And I’m still dealing with the effects of my lazy and gluttonous actions. But a change had to be made. And unfortunately, it came right around the time that everyone decides they need a change. Actually…I’ll give myself a little credit. I joined Gold’s Gym the week before Christmas – they had a Toys For Tots deal that if you brought in a new, unwrapped gift, all your initiation fees were waived. They also happened to offer a free session with a personal trainer. No harm in trying something different, right?

Some weeks later, I find myself working out with a trainer once a week, being assigned two additional workouts, and given a meal plan. So far…I’m digging it. My muscles have never felt so sore, and I haven’t felt so motivated at the gym in a long time. I may have been missing the coach/player relationship in my workouts. I like being singled out and pushed to my limits. I saw my greatest success in rugby when I had a coach make me do “motivational sprints” when I started slacking.

Now I have clear goals. I have measurements. And I have a tough dude to keep my rear in gear. Speaking of – I’m slightly worried for tomorrow. It’s leg day. And the trainer likes to make me do squats and flip tires….ruh roh…


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