Leg Day #2

Well, Trainer Justin passed me along to Trainer Dan. So now, Trainer Dan is going to be making me nauseous once a week. Yay!

First up:
Squat machine. 50 lbs. 15 times.
Pull off one of the 25 lb. weights, sumo squat and lift the weight to chin. 15 times.
Lie on floor, grab Trainer Dan’s ankles (did I mention this was within the first 10 minutes of meeting? fresh.) Leg lifts, he throws them down. 15 times.
Repeat, increasing squat machine by 20 lbs. And Trainer Dan threw my legs left, center, and right.
Repeat one more time. Yay.

5 lb. weights. Squat and jump. 15 times. I hate jumping.
50 lb. barbell. Knees slightly bent, lower barbell to shins, then raise to standing. Ohhh burning quads!
Repeat 2 more times.

20 mountain climbers.
Deep lunges 15 yds. Turn around, backwards lunge additional 15 yds.
20 mountain climbers.
10 full body squats.
Lunges the full length.
10 full body squats.

Additional torture on the treadmill. I have to say – at this point, I was really wiped out. It was as if someone sucked all of the life out of my legs! But the walking helped to regulate my heart rate and even made me feel better. I’m building up to running…though I hate the thought of running on a treadmill even more than running outside. (I’m prone to looking like an idiot)

Trainer Dan showed me my folder, which included a meal plan. They gave some good recipes, and The Chad was excited to hit the farmer’s market with the grocery list they included (BIG plus!).

Monday, I’m on my own for shoulders and arms. Trainer Dan is getting me for chest and back on Wednesday. So far, so good. Wish I would’ve known that Trainer Justin was trading me to someone else – we had a nice rapport going. Trainer Dan is nice enough, but much more serious than Trainer Justin.

Oy, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.


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