Arm & Shoulder Day 2 and then some

So, I dropped the ball a bit with what I intended to report last week. I completed a workout all on my own (yay!). The nice thing about Gold’s is that there’s a Lady Gold’s section, so you’re not subjected to the weight room where all the dudes are bulking up. It’s one thing to walk around there with a trainer – it’s a good buffer that helps me zone out – but alone? I still feel too uncertain to walk in there with confidence.

Now, I have the workout on a paper. It’s in my gym bag. My gym bag is in the kitchen. I’m in bed. Soooo…it’s looking like I won’t be typing an exact workout.

I know I did chest presses with a barbell and alternated with a french press with dumbbells. French press = lying on back, beginning with dumbbells extended over chest, then bending at the elbows to lower dumbbells next to ears. I didn’t expect to feel much of a burn, but it hit that tricep pretty hard!

Then I had a plank exercise where I walked my hands to the left, center, and right. Then I switched to a lift and press with dumbbells.

The last set was lateral raises alternating with getting on an exercise ball and pulling my legs to my chest (is there a term for that?).

Wednesday rolled around, and it should have been chest/back day. But I had a pole instructor training that lasted 2 hours and ran over my trainer time.

Then, there was Friday. Leg day. And I was stuck in traffic for 3 hours and 15 minutes while I drove to Lancaster (which typically takes 1.5 hours). BUT…I went snowboarding for 5 hours on Saturday. Tell you what…that  is a good leg workout.

Yesterday, I was hoping to get to the gym. Unfortunately, we had a snow storm, and the gym closed at 3 p.m. So I cleaned. Not the best workout replacement, but I felt good about getting some things done around the house.

Am I completely happy with that routine? No. And I refuse to be satisfied with it. But it’s a new week, Trainer Dan has me scheduled twice this week…so we’ll see what comes of that.


2 thoughts on “Arm & Shoulder Day 2 and then some

    1. I know…this weather is killer! But thank you for the extra vote of confidence. I have days when I’m super motivated, then those snow days where I just want to hide in bed!

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